What Will You Be?

Ukulele Jim

Ukulele Jim's Jumping Flea Circus

{title:What Will You Be?}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}
{album:Ukulele Jim's Jumping Flea Circus}

{c: }
[C] [Am] [C] [Am]

[C]What will you be when you grow [G]up? 
[F]What do you want to [C]be? 
A [F]doctor, a [G]lawyer, a [C]fire [Am]chief? 
An [Dm]astronaut in space, a [G7]sailor at sea?
{c: } 
[C]What do you really want to [G]be 
when you [F]grow up big and [C]strong? 
Do you [F]want to be a [G]famous [C]movie [Am]star? 
Do you [Dm]want to fly a plane or [G7]race in a car? 
{c: }
[F]There's so [G]many possi[C]bili[Am]ties 
for you to [Dm]be what you [G7]want to [C]be! [Am] [C] [Am]

{c: }
[C]What do you dream about at [G]night? 
[F]What do you see when you [C]sleep? 
[F]What kind of [G]animals [C]run through your [Am]head 
[Dm]late at night when you're [G7]snuggled in bed?
{c: } 
[C]What does the world look like to [G]you 
when you're [F]having a wonderful [C]dream? 
Do you [F]fly like a [G]bird through the [C]big blue [Am]sky? 
Does it [Dm]still feel real when you [G7]open your eyes? 
{c: }
[F]There's so [G]much you can [C]do in your [Am]dreams, 
you can [Dm]be what you [G7]want to [C]be! [Am] [C] [Am]

{c: }
[C]I have a special wish for [G]you: 
May the [F]best of your dreams come [C]true! 
[F]Try your [G]best from the [C]very [Am]start, 
be[Dm]lieve in yourself and always [G7]follow your heart. 
{c: }
[F]There's a whole [G]world of oppor[C]tuni[Am]ty 
for you to [Dm]be what you [G7]want to [C]be! 

{c: }
Oh [A7]yeah, [Dm]be what you [G7]want to [C]be! 
You [A7]can [F]be what you [G7]want to [C]be! 
[Am] [F] [G7] [C]

{c:Copyright 2009 by James Andrew Clark}

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