The Valentine's Day Song

Ukulele Jim

{title:The Valentine's Day Song}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}

{c: }
[G]Today is a [C]very special [D]Valentine's [G]Day
I bought you some [C]candy and a [D]card just to [G]say
How much I [C]love you and I [D]wish that you would [G]stay
With me [C]here on [D]Valentine's [G]Day

{c: }
[D]I made us a reservation at your [C]favorite [G]restaurant
[D]I bought you some lingerie [C]because I think you're really [G]hot
[D]I hope my singing this doesn't [C]put you on the [G]spot
[D]I just don't understand 
What your [F]boyfriend has [C]that I haven't [G]got
{c: }
[G]Valen[C]tine's Day is [D]finally [G]here
I have been [C]waiting for this [D]day almost a [G]year
Please don't [C]look at me with [D]eyes so full of [G]fear
The door was [C]open so I [D]let myself in [G]here

{c: }
[D]Every time you run away I'll [C]come right after [G]you
[D]There's noplace you can go that [C]I haven't thought of [G]too
[D]I assume you're testing me to [C]see if my love is [G]true
[D]There's no restraining order 
That could [F]keep me from [C]seeing this thing [G]through
{c: }
[G]Valen[C]tine's Day is for [D]broken hearts to [G]mend
You did not [C]know me but you [D]were my only [G]friend
Now I'm [C]hearing sirens [D]coming 'round the [G]bend
Now I guess this [C]Valentine's Day [D]really is the [G]end
I guess this [C]Valentine's Day [D]really is the [G]end
{c: }
{c:Copyright 2010 by James Andrew Clark}

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