The Jumping Flea Circus

Ukulele Jim

Ukulele Jim's Jumping Flea Circus

{t:The Jumping Flea Circus}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}
{album:Ukulele Jim's Jumping Flea Circus}

{c: }
[F] [C] [C7]

[F]All of you children, come [C]gather around 
The [A#]Jumping Flea Circus is [F]coming to [C]town 
The [F]fleas have been traveling all [C]over the world 
[A#]Spreading their joy to the [F]boys and the [C]girls 
[A#]All of the fun they have [C]waiting for you 
Will [F]only [A7]cost you a [Dm]dime [F] 
Come [A#]see the flea circus[C] for a limited [F]time [C] [C7] 

{c: }
The [F]Tiny Top tent is set [C]up on a tray 
And it's [A#]tied to a table so it [F]won't blow a[C]way 
The [F]ringmaster is a jol[C]ly little flea 
Who [A#]stands upon a thimble for [F]all to [C]see 
[A#]His ukulele is im[C]possibly small 
And he [F]plays it im[A7]possibly [Dm]loud [F] 
"[A#]Welcome to the circus!"[C] he sings to the [F]crowd. [C] [C7] 

"[F]Ladies and gentlemen! Your [C]attention, please! 
[A#]Welcome, one and all, to the [F]circus of [C]fleas! 
[F]Here they come now to the [C]center of the ring... 
[A#]Watch them perform as they [F]jump and they [C]sing! 
They're [A#]simply amazing as they [C]leap through the air 
And pirou[F]ette with the [A7]greatest of [Dm]ease! [F] 
[A#]Folks, you're in for a treat![C] 
It's the [F]world-famous circus of fleas!" 
[C](la la la [C7]la la la) 

{c: }
A [F]centipede balances [C]on the high wire 
[A#]Grasshoppers jump through an [F]earring of [C]fire 
[F]Spiders are swinging up [C]on the trapeze 
[A#]Ladybugs dance with the [F]acrobat [C]fleas 
[A#]Pill bugs are shot from a [C]cannon 
The [F]Beetles [A7]play in a [Dm]band [F] 
The [A#]Jumping Flea circus[C] is the best in the [F]land [C] [C7] 

{c: }
[A#]Let's give a big [C]cheer (hooray!) 
For the [F]smallest [A7]show of the [Dm]year  
[F]Oh, The [A#]Jumping Flea Circus[C] is finally [F]here! [C] [C7] [F]

{c: }
{c:Copyright 2010 by James Andrew Clark}

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