The Hot Dog Song

Ukulele Jim

Hop to It!

{title: The Hot Dog Song}
{artist: Ukulele Jim}
{album: Hop to It!}

{c: }
[C]Let's get this party started!

{c: }
[C]I like hot dogs, [C7]I like hot dogs
[F]I like hot dogs, I like [C]hot dogs
[G]Put 'em in a bun and you're [F]havin' fun
I like [C]hot dogs [G7]

{c: }
I like 'em or[C]ganic, I like 'em or[C7]ganic
I like 'em or[F]ganic, I like 'em or[C]ganic
It's [G]better for you when you're [F]eatin' food
That's or[C]ganic [G7]

{c: }
[C]I like ketchup, [C7]I like ketchup
[F]I like ketchup, I like [C]ketchup
You [G]take a tomato and you [F]smash it flat
Oh, that's [C]ketchup [G7]

{c: }
[C]I like mustard, [C7]I like mustard
[F]I like mustard, I like [C]mustard
[G]Yellow and spicy and it [F]tastes so nice
I like [C]mustard [G7]

{c: }
[C]I like relish, [C7]I like relish
[F]I like relish, I like [C]relish
[G]Take a pickle and [F]chop it quick
You'll get [C]relish [G7]

{c: }
[C]I like onions, [C7]I like onions
[F]I like onions, I like [C]onions
[G]Give 'em a try, the might [F]make you cry
I like [C]onions [G7]

{c: }
[C]I like hot dogs, [C7]I like hot dogs
[F]I like hot dogs, yes I like [C]hot dogs
I don't [G7]like 'em a little, I [F]like 'em a lot
I don't [G7]like 'em cold, I [F]like 'em hot
I don't [G7]like 'em cat, I [F]like 'em dog
I like [C]hot dogs! [G7] [C]

Yes, I do!

{c: }
{c: Copyright 2019 James Andrew Clark (ASCAP)}

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