Song of the Sky

Ukulele Jim

Fretting the Small Stuff

{title:Song of the Sky}
{album:Fretting the Small Stuff}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}

{define: C frets 0 0 3 7 fingers 0 0 1 3}
{define: Cm9sus4 frets 0 0 1 5 fingers 0 0 1 4}

{c: Note the alternate fingering for the C chord on this recording: 0037}
{c: }

[C] [Csus4] [Cm9sus4] [Csus4]
[C]I am here,[Csus4] I [Cm9sus4]fill the [Csus4]space
[C]As I wait[Csus4] to [Cm9sus4]see your [Csus4]face
[C]I stand my ground,[Csus4] I [Cm9sus4]wonder [Csus4]why
[C]Will you [Csus4]hear me if I [Cm9sus4]let out a [Dm]cry
To the [G7sus4]sky [G7]

[C]The summer days[Csus4] turn [Cm9sus4]into [Csus4]fall
[C]And still I wait[Csus4] to [Cm9sus4]hear your [Csus4]call
[C]I hold on [Csus4]for your [Cm9sus4]lovely [Csus4]voice
[C]When I [Csus4]hear it, I [Cm9sus4]shall [Dm]rejoice
To the [G7sus4]sky [G7]

[Dm]Open your [G7]eyes
And see that I am [G7]alive

[C]Like a breath[Csus4] becomes[Cm9sus4] a [Csus4]wind
[C]One will [Csus4]end, another [Cm9sus4]one [Csus4]begins
[C]You feel [Csus4]familiar in [Cm9sus4]every[Csus4]thing
[C]When all is [Csus4]quiet, it's your name I [Dm]sing
To the [G7sus4]sky [G7]

[Dm]Open your [G7]eyes
And see that I am [G7]alive
{c: }
{c:Copyright 2011 by James Andrew Clark}

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