My Sweet Valentine

Ukulele Jim

{title:My Sweet Valentine}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}

[D]Valentine, sweet [D7]valentine, [G]my blushing [D]bride
Why aren't you [D7]happy [A]here by my [A7]side?
[D]Tell me the [D7]reason why [G]you won't a[E7]bide
Oh, how I've [D]tried, my [A]sweet valen[D]tine [A7]

{c: }
[D]Valentine, I [D7]love you but [G]you don't love [D]me
Being my [D7]partner brings [A]you miser[A7]y
[D]There's something in[D7]side you that [G]longs to be [E7]free
It's sad to [D]see, my [A]sweet [D]valentine [A7]

{c: }
[G]I'm sorry it's a [D]hard life
[G]I'm not a man of high [D]means [D7]
But if [F#7]you'll stick around
I [Bm]won't let you [E7]down
In [G]time you could find
That you [A]might change your mind [A7]
[A]I need you

{c: }
My [D]valentine, sweet [D7]valentine, [G]here is my [D]plan
I'm gonna [D7]love you as [A]long as I [A7]can
And [D]when you should [D7]leave me for [G]some other [E7]man
I'll [D]understand, my [A]sweet valen[D]tine
(some [A7]how)
I'll [D]understand, my [A]sweet valen[D]tine
(but for [A7]now)
Take my [D]hand, my [A]sweet valen[D]tine

{c: }
{c:Copyright 2012 by James Andrew Clark}

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