Miss Mischief

Ukulele Jim

Ukulele Jim's Authentic Down Home Marital Aid

{title:Miss Mischief}
{album:Ukulele Jim's Authentic Down Home Marital Aid}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}

{define: G frets 4 2 3 2 fingers 3 1 2 1}
{define: C frets 4 3 2 2 fingers 3 2 1 1}
{define: D frets 2 2 2 5 fingers 1 1 1 4}
{define: A7sus2 frets 2 4 3 2 fingers 1 3 2 1}

{c:Play all chords barred (second position)}

[G] [D] [C] [D] [G] [C] [G] [D]

{c: }
[G]There is [D]something [C]in your [D]eyes
[G]A blue that [D]I've only [C]seen in [D]skies
[G]A wicked[D]ness that [C]hides the [D]lies you [G]say [D] [C] [D]

{c: }
[G]But there is [D]something [C]you should [D]know
[G]I'm on to [D]all of the [C]tricks you [D]show
[G]I won't be [D]swayed by the [C]curves you [D]throw my [G]way [C] [G] [D]

{c: }
[C]Because I know when you [D]give me a smile
[C]I'm just some other guy you're [D]trying to beguile
Miss [G]Mischief [D] [C] [D] 
[G] [C] [G] [D]

{c: }
[G]There's something [D]in the way you [C]play with [D]words
[G]You say the [D]sweetest things I've [C]ever [D]heard
[G]But I am [D]wiser now, I [C]won't be [D]lured a[G]way [C] [G] [D]

{c: }
[C]Because I know when you're [D]calling my name
[C]It's just another way you're [D]playing your game
Miss [G]Mischief [D] [C] [D]
[G] [C] [G] [D]

[G]You're the kind of girl I [B7]fell for all of my [A7sus2]life [D7]
[G]But you're not the kind of [B7]girl I'd ever want for a [A7sus2]wife
You'll make someone a [D]hell of a wife

{c: }
[G]There's something [D]in the way you [C]sing and [D]dance
[G]That puts the [D]younger boys [C]into a [D]trance
[G]But I am [D]way too old to [C]take a [D]chance on [G]you [C] [G] [D]

{c: }
[C]Because I know when you're [D]looking at me
[C]It's just some other poor [D]sucker you see
Miss [G]Mischief [D] [C] [D]
[G] [C] [G] [D]

{c: }
[C]Because I know when you [D]promise me love
[C]There's always someone else you're [D]thinking of
Miss [G]Mischief [D] [C] [D]
Miss [G]Mischief [D] [C] [D]
[G] [C] [D7] [G]

{c: }
{c:Copyright 2009 by James Andrew Clark}

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