Let's Have An Old Fashioned Christmas

Ukulele Jim

{title:Let's Have An Old Fashioned Christmas}
{artist:Ukulele Jim}

[C] [F] [C] [F]

[C]Let's have an [F]old fashioned [C]Christmas [C7]
[F]Like they had [G]so long a[C]go [C7]
The [F]times may have [G]changed
But the [C]spirit re[Am]mains
[Dm]Something you never out[G7]grow [F]
{c: }
[C]Let's bring back [F]those old tra[C]ditions [C7]
Our [F]grandparents and [G]their parents [C]made [C7]
It's [F]never obsol[G]ete
To sing [C]carols in the [Am]street
And [Dm]walk in the [G7]Christmas par[C]ade [C7]
{c: }
[F]I re[G]member a [C]time as a [G]child
When Christmas was [C]something di[C7]vine
Well it [F]seems like the meaning is [C]changing so fast
It's [G]up to us to [F]bring back the [G]past [Gsus2] [Csus2] [G]
{c: }
It's [C]not about [F]shopping on [C]credit [C7]
And [F]spending more [G]than you af[C]ford [C7]
[F]Give from the [G]heart
'cause [C]that's where it [Am]starts
You [Dm]can't find that love in a [G7]store [F]
{c: }
[C]Let's keep our [F]Christmastime [C]simple [C7]
With[F]out all the [G]holiday [C]stress [C7]
[F]Children at [G]play
[C]Cookies on a [Am]tray
Are [Dm]things that make [G7]holidays [C]best [C7]
{c: }
[F]I re[G]member a [C]time 
When we [G]told each other stories
By the [C]warmth of the [C7]fire
Of a [F]family together on a [C]cold Christmas eve
We can [G]keep that alive if we [F]only be[G]lieve [Gsus2] [Csus2] [G]
{c: }
[C]Let's have an [F]old fashioned [C]Christmas [C7]
[F]Just like they [G]did it be[C]fore [C7]
It [F]worked way back [G]then
We can [C]do it a[Am]gain
And [Dm]bring back tra[G7]dition once [C]more [F] [C] [G]

[C] [F] [G7] [C]

{c: }
{c:Copyright 2010 by James Andrew Clark}

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