Come Outside and Play

Ukulele Jim

Hop to It!

{title: Come Outside and Play}
{artist: Ukulele Jim}
{album: Hop to It!}

{c: }
[C]It doesn't matter what we [G]do
[F]I just [G7]want to spend some time with [C]you
[C]It doesn't matter where we [G]go
[F]We can [G7]visit any place you [C]know [C7]
[F]It doesn't matter if we're [C]gone [Em]all [A]day
[F]Won't you [G7]come outside and [C]play [G7]

{c: }
[C]It doesn't matter if you can [G]spell
[F]You don't [G7]have to read and write so [C]well
[C]It doesn't matter how well you [G]sing
[F]You can [G7]sing about any[C]thing [C7]
[F]It doesn't matter what we [C]do [Em]all [A]day
[F]Won't you [G7]come outside and [C]play [F] [G7]

{c: }
[Bb]You are my best [F]friend, yeah it's true [F7] (Good to know!)
[Bb]I love you through thick and [F]thin, you know that I do[F7] (Well, that's a coincidence!)
[Bb]You are my best [F]friend, yeah it's true [F7] (Oh yeah!)
[Bb]I just want to [F]spend some [G7]time with you

{c: }
[C]It doesn't matter if you walk or [G]run
[F]I just [G7]want you to come have [C]fun 
[C]It doesn't matter if you ride a [G]bike
[F]We can [G7]do anything you [C]like [C7]
[F]I doesn't matter if we're [C]gone [Em]all [A]day
[F]Won't you [G7]come outside and [C]play, to[A7]day
[F]Won't you [G7]come outside and [C]play, I [A7]say
[F]Won't you [G7]come outside and [C]play [G7] [C]

{c: }
{c:Written by James Andrew Clark (ASCAP), Eva Clark (ASCAP), and Tristan Clark (ASCAP). Copyright 2019 by James Andrew Clark.}

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